Vision and Mission


Our vision is an equitable world with diverse, healthy and complete ecosystems,
and where all communities have access to productive employment and basic services.


With its modest resources, Austral selectively focuses on influencing and supporting strategically significant stakeholders to improve the effectiveness and impact of their conservation and development initiatives.

Austral’s Key Characteristics

Independent – All programs are funded internally through an endowment. The Foundation does not rely on government, public, or special interest group support and is thus well positioned to utilize and communicate its findings to achieve outcomes.

Cost Effective – Austral maximizes investment in program activities. Austral has no office, minimal overhead, and does not engage in fundraising from the public.

Philanthropic – Austral does not charge fees for the professional services it provides because program funding is covered by an endowment.

Expert – The Board of Directors consists of independent, internationally recognized experts in their respective fields who are actively involved in program implementation.

Multidisciplinary – Austral works in a number of fields including conservation, economic development, and governance.

Outcome Focused – Foundation support is typically directed to opportunities where investments generate products that are used to influence policy, enhance accountability, promote transparency, or advance education across a range of disciplines.

Proactive – Austral actively seeks program opportunities through established networks, research and investigation by its directors, and regular meetings to discuss emerging issues in the respective professions of board members.

International – The Foundation works in developed and developing countries.