Role of PII & Austral

Collaboration with Pacific Invasives

Problem of Invasives in the Pacific

Invasive species are introduced organisms that can cause harm to the environment, the economy, or human health. They are mostly spread through human activity and include insects, weeds, fungi, bacteria, viruses, fish, mammals, snails and other species.

The islands of the Pacific are especially vulnerable to invasive species as their plant and animal species have evolved in isolation. Invasives are a leading cause of biodiversity loss in the region. Additionally, invasives can impact severely on food production, harming growing crops, food storage and the island ecosystems that support national economies.

Austral works to support initiatives that address invasive species in the Pacific
region, including the Pacific Invasives Initiative

Austral’s Work with Pacific Invasives Initiative

PII is a leading technical advisory and field site planning organization for control and eradication of invasive species in the Pacific. Austral conducted strategic planning sessions for PII staff, facilitated donor discussions regarding partner expectations, roles and responsibilities, and advised on pilot program designs for invasive species eradication in the Pacific Islands.