NBSAPs & Issues of Implementation

NBSAPs and Issues of Implementaion

Environment Departments and the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs)

The departments of environment in Pacific island countries have a central role in managing and conserving the delicate environment of the Pacific islands.

However, they have to deal with some major constraints and obstacles

  • A lack of political support from their governments
  • Inadequate budgets, staff and equipment
  • Weak institutional capacity
  • Insufficient cooperation from international partners and NGOs who operate in their countries

The Pacific Roundtable has set itself the objective and task of supporting the institutional strengthening of the departments of environment in collaboration with SPREP. And Austral has committed itself to supporting this process.

The immediate point of focus is to assist the DoEs with reviving the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan in each country, and to use this process as a mechanism to achieve operational effectiveness on the part of the concerned DoE and greater collaboration from international partners operating in the concerned country.